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why is the sky blue? How do bubbles form? What makes a magnet work?

Children’s natural curiosity about the world around them comes with thousands of questions.  Expand the scientist in your child with DISCOVERY TOY STORE products that encourage their curiosity, promote their ability to ask good questions, and enable them to practice the scientific process of problem-solving.

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Handy Science Series

Unleash the scientist in your youngster!  Each set comes with six do-it-yourself experiments with results that will amaze one and all.  Available in a variety of important science topics including Magnetism, Light and Water.  Appropriate for ages 8+.


Tornado Alert

Nature’s fury can be studied and understood with the Pocket Tornado and  Tornado Maker.  Simply swirl the Pocket Tornado to make a spinning tornado with all the characteristics of the real thing!  Or why not see the effect of gravitational pull on water as you experiment with the Tornado Maker and two empty liter bottles. Age appropriate for ages 3+.


Bubble Science

How can a simple bubble provide the venue for over 29 experiments?  Bubble Science explores surface tension, coloration, how to make the ultimate bubble solution, and materials to make awesome giant bubbles, little bubbles, bubbles-in-a-bubble and even a bubble blanket!  Appropriate for ages 9+.

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