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Discovery Toys - Geography

what is the connection between people, places and the earth? geography, of course!

Broaden your child’s world with great hands-on geography items found in the DISCOVERY TOY STORE. Whether it’s the fifty states, the fifty capitals, the seven continents or the beautiful country of America get ready for an adventure!

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U.S.A. License Plate Game

Are we there yet?  I’m bored!  How often does a road trip turn into the grouchies!  Pack the U.S.A. License Plate Game and you are sure to cure the car-seat blues.  Players find different state license plates, place them on the appropriate state, and  name the capital of the state for an even bigger challenge!  Road trip, here we come!


The Scrambled States of America Game

Want some fast-paced learning disguised as fun!  Consisting of 60 scramble cards and 50 state cards, along with four different U.S. maps, this game uses observation skills and quick reflexes!  Quick…what state borders Wisconsin?  Or  …What state that ends with S?  Great fun for ages 8+.


Global Glowball

Want to be wordly and musical at the same time?  The Global Glowball is an interactive globe for ages 8 months to 8 years old.  Press on a continent and hear 39 different authentic musical selections from that part of the world.  The textured surface provides a multisensory experience.  Great fun!

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